Why Choose Signature Family Dentistry?

Holly Springs, NC and Western Wake County are growing rapidly. This is a great place to live with a lot of things to do. One of the best things about living in a booming area is having a lot of options. We know you don’t have to look very hard around here to find a dentist. So why should you choose SFD? Here are a few things about our Holly Springs dental practice that we think make us stand out…

We are honest.
This means we can’t always tell you what you want to hear, but we will always offer a truthful diagnosis and honest recommendations for your case.

We take insurance.
Accepting patient insurance means we personally take a 15-30% reduction on our regular fees.

We offer in house payment plans without credit checks.
Nobody expects or wants to have a dental problem or incur the unexpected costs that come along with them. We want you to receive the right treatment and we will work with you to help you fit it into your budget.

We offer reduced-fee cleaning and exams for both new patients AND existing patients that are uninsured.
Not everyone has a dental insurance plan. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice good oral health. Regular hygiene appointments can help prevent more expensive dental issues, not to mention offer early detection for oral cancers and other oral diseases.

We will file some items to medical insurance.
Depending on your coverage and treatment recommendations, some cases may be covered under your family’s medical insurance plan. Our staff can work with you to determine what your coverage options are.

If you have been seen for a regular check up in the last six months, you will never be charged for an urgent or emergent visit in our office.
We care about your oral health. If you are doing your part to stay up to date with your preventative care with us, we have quicker access to your records and can therefore more quickly identify and treat emergency issues that may arise.

Our doctors can be reached after hours using the on-call phone number for emergency dental needs or just for everyday general questions by emailing us at [email protected].

We stand behind all of our work.
It’s important to us that you are comfortable and happy with the work we have done for you.

Several offices in our area offer patient loyalty plans…why don’t we?
It’s simple. We don’t want you to pay for services that you haven’t received yet.

We require pre-payment for some visits.
The reason for this is to make sure you understand the complete financial picture of your treatment plan, as well as make sure you have enough time reserved for you visit. We make our patients aware of all costs associated with their treatment plan and whether or not the treatment will require pre-payment.

Our goal is to always to run on time.
This isn’t always feasible because we are a healthcare provider and our patients have emergencies that need to be addressed or discussions that take time. Our promise to you is that when YOU have a concern,  you will have our undivided attention and will be seen as soon as you need to be seen.

There are two doctors on staff.
Since there are two of us, we are more accessible and able to offer extended hours.